Ashley’s CBR III Review #22 : Patient Zero: A Joe Ledger Novel by Jonathan Maberry

CBR III Review #22 :  Patient Zero: A Joe Ledger Novel by Jonathan Maberry

I keep a running list of the books I just finished reading then when I have some spare time I sit down a write a few reviews for the Cannonball Read.  I had to look this book up on Amazon to make sure I had actually read it. I had.  After rereading the descriptions I realized I had enjoyed this novel, I just forgot about reading it.  In other words it wasn’t all that memorable.

I have an odd habit that when I read a new author or genre that I enjoy I try to read as many books as I can find by the author or on the subject.  At the moment I’m in zombie fiction mode.  Patient Zero was a decent addition to the genre it just didn’t stand out.

Joe Ledger, a police detective for the Baltimore Police department is recruited to work in a special sect of the government that is so secret not even Homeland Security knows it exist. This special sect known as the Department of Military Sciences. Ledger is selected to lead a special team with very impressive military and fighting skills. The first assignment that Ledger and his team receives is to track down a group of terrorist who are planning releasing a bio-weapon that turns people into zombies.  Joe Ledger as a character is immediately likable and I found myself rooting him on, but he is one of the only characters that you get a good grasp on. The book sometimes rambles as it describes all the weapons and fighting tactics used, but I’m a girl   Now a Coach purse that may deserve a paragraph or two but a high grade military weapons usually a line or two of description is usually sufficient.  For the record I was kidding about the Coach purse.  If you enjoy a book with lots of fighting, lots of weapons, and a lots of explosions you will love this book.  If you prefer a book with more character development I would probably pick up something else.

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