Krista’s CBR-III Review #16 – Bossypants by Tina Fey

I have a hard time reading books that other people think are funny. Take David Sedairs, for instance. Multiple people RAVED about this man and his books, and when I read Me Talk Pretty One Day, I was more offended than amused. It’s not that I have a weird sense of humor. I think I just don’t like being told by a lot of other people that I’m going to think whatever it is that I’m reading is “So funny you’ll laugh your head off.” I get wary. Being told something is funny reminds me of this kid in my college creative writing classes who always said he was going to write stories about his funny cats and the stories would be so funny, but then when he did write them they weren’t funny. They were terrible. I resented him telling me that I should think his stuff was funny, and I resented having to tell him the truth. Plus, I sometimes have a hard time liking books that EVERYONE IN THE FREE WORLD raves about (hated The Lovely Bones. Sorry, Alice Sebold. It’s sad but true.).

Which is a little ironic because I’m going to be upfront in telling you that Bossypants is pretty much the funniest thing I’ve ever read. In my life. And I’ve read a lot of books in my (barely) 28 years. So you should read it because YOU’RE GOING TO LAUGH YOUR HEAD OFF. At least you will if you’re me. Or if you’re Tina Fey or maybe Amy Pohler or Kristen Wiig. I hope they laughed at this book (especially Tina, since she wrote it). Amy, too, because she got some serious props from Tina (yeah, we’re on a first-name basis). You know you want to click here to read the rest of my review of this very funny book.

— Krista


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  1. Even Stevens

    Well now I’m even MORE excited for this book. I’m with you on not always finding books funny that everyone else in the free world think are hilarious (I also wasn’t the biggest David Sedaris fan and I read a few of his books just to make sure). Damn library waiting lists are keeping from this book…

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