leedock’s CBR-III Review #13 “Cryer’s Cross” – Lisa McMann

I vividly remember my disappointment with the TV miniseries based on Stephen King’s “It”. I didn’t read the book, and have no idea how close of an adaptation it is, but I remember being totally creeped out by the Tim Curry demon clown crawling out of the sewer grate. I remember completely buying into the suspense until the end. The end is where you find out the “It” is a gigantic evil alien spider. Really? Really. Oh, the build up to the crap ending really smarts, doesn’t it?


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One response to “leedock’s CBR-III Review #13 “Cryer’s Cross” – Lisa McMann

  1. Ashley

    Maybe it’s just me but name on Stephen King book where the ending wasn’t a complete cop out….and I love me some Stephen King but every time I get to an ending it pisses me off all over again.

    Also thanks for reviewing! I was trying to decide if I should pick this up or not. I think I’ll skip it for now 🙂

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