TheOutlawJosie’s CBR-III Reviews #20-22: The Gospel According to Coco Chanel, The Ruins & In The Woods

This is a sweet, short little read about the epic figure of Coco Chanel. It’s couched in the story of the author’s search for the perfect little Chanel jacket, and that adds an interesting flavor to the book itself.  Through the lens of that search, the author shows us – without ever really saying as much – that there will never be anyone quite like Coco Chanel, nor will there be the equal of her work.  Read more of this review at The Outlaw Josie Brown.

I read this book after Rich Juzwiak of FourFour (and so many other locations) published a defense of the movie version of The Ruins. I hadn’t really paid much attention to trailers for the movie and certainly didn’t know it was a book adaptation…Overall, a surprisingly great read.  It’s not long but it packs in the tension and is a creative concept handled really well.  Read more of this review at The Outlaw Josie Brown.

In The Woods is ostensibly a crime novel about the murder of a young girl, but in reality, it’s more about the relationships we form and the way our past affects us…One of the things I appreciated most is that French has Ryan – in whose voice the story is told – engage in the same kind of self-justification that we all do from time to time, telling someone that everything is copacetic when in fact you’re trying to convince yourself…I think it’s a more honest look at the way people occasionally wind up at work when they’re employed in very intense environments; certain jobs just demand that you involve more of your humanity, and being able to do that well is contingent on having people around you who you can reveal that to and whose humanity will align with your own.  Read more of this review at The Outlaw Josie Brown.


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