Krista’s CBR-III Review #18 – The Bridge of Peace, Cindy Woodsmall

Lena Kauffman, a young Amish schoolteacher, was born with a very visible birthmark. Despite people’s stares and the discomfort of being, literally, branded, Lena has learned to ignore the stares and move through life. Her community adheres strictly to the “old ways” of the Amish, and she butts heads when she needs the rules to be bent slightly for a troubled student. When she turns to an Englischer (a non-Amish) friend for help, she alienates the school board — except for her old friend Grey, who’s going through troubles of his own, including problems with his marriage and struggles with his son. In the midst of all of this pain and struggle, there is a terrible accident, and then Lena and Grey are left to rebuild, quite literally, a bridge of peace, between themselves and the other Amish. Now that you’ve read the summary, read my (pretty short) review.

(Also, thank you for putting up with my reviews of Amish fiction. I love reviewing books, and these ones I get from publishers for free which is fine by me because I weirdly love Amish books. Hah. I’ve already done three in the last few months!)

— Krista


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