xoxoxoe, #15, My Booky Wook, by Russell Brand, #CBR3

Here is the review of my #15 book, My Booky Wook, by Russell Brand, on my blog, xoxoxo e.

“What I’ve learnt — to my cost — on several occasions in my life, is that people will put up with all manner of bad behaviour so long as you’re giving them what they want. They’ll laugh and get into it and enjoy the anecdotes and the craziness and the mayhem as long as you’re going your job well, but the minute you’re not, you’re fucked. They’ll wipe their hands of you without a second glance.”

Ain’t that the truth. Brand is funny, bratty, got a way with words, and always seems honest. A very entertaining read. Here is an excerpt from my review:

Russell Brand is a lucky man. Lucky to be alive, to have two movies in the box office top ten, to have married a woman who seems to not be too bothered by his checkered past. A past so checkered — well, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a fabric with checks that small. The man has done it all — been an alcoholic, a junkie, addicted to sex, (prostitutes a specialty). What is extraordinary about Brand is that he managed to live this life of debauchery before he became really successful. Just when you think he’s another showbiz cliché, he really isn’t. He may have partied like a rock star, but his hedonism wasn’t a result of the trappings of fame. It was about a larger-than-life personality that couldn’t seem to handle being a larger-than-life personality.


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