Jen K’s CBR III: Reviews 33-35

33.  We Two: Victoria and Albert by Gillian Gill:  A bio about the relationship between Victoria and Albert.  Since I knew very little about the reigning couple of the Victorian Era, it was illuminating but the book seemed to focus more on Albert than Victoria in the later half.  Overall, I’d say probably a good introduction to the topic.  

34. Scandalous Women by Elizabeth Kerri Mahon: Not deep history, but a fun read with short bios of a selection of women in history, some of whom are more famous than others.  Mahon is a history buff, not a historian so it’s all based on secondary sources.  However, for any bio that sounds intriguing she points the way to history books that cover the topic as well as a list of fictional portrayals of the women.

35. Bite Me by Christopher Moore: The latest in Moore’s vampire series.  Given how it ends, I think this is the last one, but it’s not that tied up that he couldn’t bring the characters back if he wanted to.  Overall, typical Moore, but probably the weakest in the series due to an overabundance of Abbie Normal.

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