SaBrina’s CBR III #3: Amusing Ourselves to Death – Neil Postman

Below, I’ve excerpted the one paragraph of actual substance from my original review because the rest of it is excuse-making about being so behind, discussions of being hungover, and Man vs. Wild shark-hunting:

Postman rings more than once (zing!) on the idea that the medium of learning is more important than the content of the learning. The culture of teaching children in “fun” ways, like videos of kiddie explorers discovering facts about blue whales, just teaches them that they will never need to put any effort into learning things, like doing boring research or reading boring textbooks. Great, the kids now know a few things about whales, but who gives a shit? They should know a few things about serious study. Also, putting political or any other kind of serious news on TV inherently devalues the news, because a visual format always trends toward short, splashy segments. Serious analysis always needs to be written, and in long-form.


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