Raych’s CBR-III Read #39 – Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech

Between this and The Unfinished Angel I have filed S.Creech under Much Goodness.  (If we were neighbors I would call her ‘Screech’ all the time to her face and it would get old quick [for her, not for me.  That joke would never get old for me.].)


What can I say about this without flailing and/or giving it all away?  Ok so.  Sal is road-tripping with Gram and Gramps who are prone to getting into scrapes and to saying things like ‘Horsefeathers!’ and ‘Huzza!’ and who I wanted to have.  They’re road-tripping to go see Sal’s mother, who ran away from her father, about which Sal is (understandably) Very Ornery. 

To distract herself from her orneriness, Sal tells her Grands how she met Phoebe, who has a firm mattress for excellent posture and whose family doesn’t put butter on their beans because of the cholesterol.  But Phoebe’s story starts to look a lot like Sal’s when Phoebe’s mother runs way, and there are birds of sadness everywhere.

And there are sadness-birds you will see coming because You Are An Adult, but they will make you SURPRISINGLY SAD because you are also secretly a child.  But ALSO because this is S.Creech there are heaps of WHIMSY.  ‘Whimsy’ is the wrong word.  Whimsy’s rogueish cousin.  Dark whimsy.  Because there are speculations about Sal’s dad’s new ‘friend’ Mrs Cadaver and her ability to hack a husband to bits.  Also?  There is a lunatic.

You know what?  Nuts to this reviewing business.  Read this and have done.



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2 responses to “Raych’s CBR-III Read #39 – Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech

  1. I read this in college for Adolescent Lit and was surprised how much I liked it, really great book!

  2. capitalbsabrina

    I read this in lower school, and the only thing I regret is that I didn’t make the Screech joke myself.

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