effcubed’s CBR-III review #9: The Anti Prom by Abby McDonald

It’s supposed to be the perfect prom night for Bliss–she’s even just requested “their song” for her and her boyfriend. But then she discovers him making out (very intensely) with her best friend in the back of their group’s limo. Filled with rage, but unwilling to show any cracks in her perfect popular girl veneer before her other friends, Bliss seeks out bad girl Jolene, who for some reason has shown up at the prom dressed in pink ruffles (so unlike her!), to help her exact revenge upon her boyfriend and former best friend. They coerce shy nerd girl Meg to be their getaway driver, and Meg, having been stood up by her pity date, goes along. The story is told in alternating chapters by the three girls as they steal a diary, crash both a college and high school party, break and enter and eat at Dairy Queen.

There’s nothing much that breaks new ground here. Bliss has been the super popular girl who will do anything to maintain her status, surprised to find herself liking these two misfits. Jolene, the renegade pushing people away to hide her vulnerability, really is a nice girl. Meg is the mouse who turns out to be secretly hot behind her glasses. But this book is still a fun ride through that classic one crazy night. Basically, it’s a perfect teen movie waiting to happen.

Somehow, this is my second review of a book about a girl named Bliss. Strange, that.

Library book.


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