Jen K’s CBR III Book 42: Regeneration

42. Regeneration by Pat Barker

Regeneration is the first novel in Barker’s WWI trilogy which centers around historical figures and fictional characters as its main protagonists. The novel isn’t about the front lines of the war or the battles but its effects. The novel begins with Siegfried Sassoon’s declaration against the continuation of the war. It appears that he is already a famous figure at this point in history (now of course he is known as one of the war poets), so rather than court martial him, the authorities declare him shell shocked and send him to Craiglockhart War Hospital in Edinburgh where he comes under the care of Dr. Rivers. Originally, I expected Sassoon to be the main character, but I believe that title goes to Dr. Rivers (another historical figure), while Sassoon and Billy Prior (fictional character) are the two main supporting cast members with a few other extras to illustrate war experiences. The hospital Craiglockhart is for officers suffering from shell shock and other mental disorders as a result of the war . . .


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