Scootsa1000’s CBR-III Review #18: Stories I Only Tell My Friends by Rob Lowe

I’m not (and have never really been) a particular fan of Rob Lowe. Other than The Outsiders and Class, I don’t really remember seeing any of Rob’s movies in the 80s, when he was a huge star. I didn’t really care about the “brat pack” and I thought he was way too pretty for my tastes. It wasn’t until after his infamous video tape from the DNC that I became a bit more interested in what he was up to and the choices he was making: Bad Influence and Masquerade certainly weren’t really good movies, but they were ok for a friday night rental. He was funny in Tommy Boy and Wayne’s World, but only because he had really small parts. Loved him as Robert Wagner in the Austin Powers movies, simply because his role was ridiculous. I never watched the West Wing, but thought he was pretty good in the Stand (as a deaf/mute, no less). And I think he’s funny on Parks & Recreation.

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