Raych’s CBR-III Read # 43 – Dude, Where’s My Country by Michael Moore

Oh Michael Moore, I don’t know what to make of you.  You’re all Blah blah 9/11 blah blah DENTIST JOKE blah and I am like, What.  Your dentist joke is neither funny nor pertinent.


Let us all bear in mind that this book is very very old (2003, which, politically, is eras ago) and that it is sort of hilariously weird to have Michael Moore be all, We will not survive another term of the Bush administration!  Whether he was an accurate or inaccurate prophet is, I suppose, open to interpretation.

Anyway, this is his usual brand of I’mma Expose Some Shit And Ask Some Highly Speculative And Leading Questions That Would Totally Be Objection’ed In A Court Of Law But This Is My Book, So.  And many of his questions are indeed the ‘tough questions’ that should have been asked, but they come across as slightly harebrained.
And one of my least favorite brands of humor is Sarcasm, Straight-Up.  Like, where I say, You are awesome but what I mean is, You are not awesome LOL.  And that sort of opposite-world-speak is fine except that books have no tone of voice, so when you say that the US should stop sponsoring dictatorships because the populace under said dictatorships hates it and ‘we’re the ones who end up suffering’ I can’t tell if you’re being serious now.
And you know I love hyperbole.  Love it.  But it somehow seems inappropriate in political non-fiction.  Like, he says that there’s ‘no way to humanly do this [read and understand the Patriot Act].’  Which, ok, you have demonstrated that it is deliberately and needlessly difficult. But clearly someone (probably human) has read it, since you go on to tell us what it entails.

And after delineating everything that’s wrong with America, he’s like Here’s a radical idea: why don’t we get everyone on the planet CLEAN DRINKING WATER!?!?  Way to pick the low-hanging fruit, my friend. 

Moore is right about a lot of things, but even a broken clock etc etc and his clock also happens to have a very stupid face (the ‘face’ in this analogy is his tone, which makes his rightness difficult to ‘look at’ [which in this case means ‘read’].  Moore’s actual face I find inoffensive and even pleasantly beardy).

In short, I am ok with his films but find him insufferable in print.


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