xoxoxoe, #19, I Know Where I’m Going: Katharine Hepburn, A Personal Biography by Charlotte Chandler, #CBR3

Here is an excerpt from my review of my #19 book, I Know Where I’m Going: Katharine Hepburn, A Personal Biography, by Charlotte Chandler, on my blog, xoxoxo e:

So much of the book is constructed of quotes, with no sense of exactly when the actual conversation took place. But no matter where Chandler got her quotes, the reader can hear Hepburn’s voice, especially in phrases such as, “I’ve had every advantage. Isn’t that ducky?” and “I was never a girl who considered herself clever about men, because I wasn’t.”

… Tracy was the love of her life and Hepburn loved being one of the boys. She worshipped her urologist father, had affairs and/or lasting friendships with many of her leading men, including Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. She was also involved with super-agent Leland Hayward and had a long-term affair with mogul Howard Hughes, who she describes as the best lover she ever had. She had an uncanny ability to remain friends with all of her previous loves. And also to receive marriage proposals from them, which she always refused. Hepburn knew that she never wanted to remarry. Once had been more than enough.

… She worshipped her father, but she was able to avoid his pressures to influence her career choices and pursued her own interests in acting. But her father never praised her or supported her in what he deemed a silly profession. Their family life seems like something right out of Eugene O’Neill’s Long Day’s Journey Into Night, in which she starred, in 1962.


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