Raych’s CBR-III Read #46 – The Raising by Laura Kasischke

I read this when Joel was on-call, and freaked myself the hell out, and I can hear you all shaking your heads and being like We could have anticipated that and WE AREN’T EVEN YOU.  You are ever insightful, chicklets.


Ok so.  I’m not totally sure how to explain this plot to you.  Nicole dies in a car wreck, straight off the bat.  NONSPOILER.  That is literally the first thing that happens.  And then her boyfriend Craig comes back to school the next semester and it is Tragic for him for associative reasons but also because everyone is all you killed Nicole and that is unpleasant.

Also there is Shelly, who was the first one on the scene of the accident but whose description of events the newspaper keeps getting wrong.  Also there is Mira who teaches a class on Death And Other Very Morbid Things that Craig’s roommate takes but also has family problems because there are seriously quite a lot of plot threads here.  Including but not limited to Nicole maybe being a ghost now.

And we are simultaneously moving forward in the present, where there is clearly a ghost or something, and in the past where something less definable than a ghost but discernible nonetheless is distinctly Not Right.

Can I be straight-up with you, squashlings?  If the WHOLE OF THE INTERNET hadn’t been reading and recommending this to me, I’m not sure I would have made it through.  It doesn’t drag, it just dawdles.  And sometimes the scenery is very interesting, but sometimes you are like, Yes, more ancient trees I get it can we please see other things now.

Also, and this is not a thing I regularly do (ghosty mysteries not being my bailiwick) but I figured out what was the doings long before the characters did.  This did not detract from my enjoyment, but it did make me insufferably smug.

Mostly good!  Verrrrrry slightly unbelievable?  But juicy.  Definitely juicy.


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