genericwhitegirl’s CBRIII Book 15: Superfreakonomics by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner

Superfreakonomics is the follow up to Levitt and Dubner’s first book, Freakonomics, which was a great book. Basically, Levitt and Dubner use economics theories to describe things more interesting than, well, economics.

For an idea of what Superfreakonimics is about, a quick look at the cover sums everything up nicely…”Global cooling, patriotic prostitutes, and why suicide bombers should buy life insuance.” And if that doesn’t catch your interest, the Steve-o’s also discuss the following (taken from

How is a street prostitute like a department-store Santa?
Why are doctors so bad at washing their hands?
How much good do car seats do?
What’s the best way to catch a terrorist?
Did TV cause a rise in crime?
What do hurricanes, heart attacks, and highway deaths have in common?
Are people hardwired for altruism or selfishness?
Can eating kangaroo save the planet?
Who adds more value: a pimp or a realtor?

I’m a fan of these books because they’re accessible and thought-provoking. They are also fairly quick and easy reads. Talk about the art of taking technical speak down to my level (Marcia Bjornerud, eat your heart out)!

So a solid recommend if you’re the non-fictiony type. Enjoy!


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