sevenstories’ CBR-III Review #32: The Confession of Katherine Howard by Suzannah Dunn

I have a love/hate relationship with historical fiction, particularly that which is set in the Tudor period. I studied Tudor history at university, focusing on the reign of Henry VIII and so am fairly familiar with the accepted historical fact of this era and I’m particularly interested in the lives of his wives and their relationship to him. I find myself reading quite a lot of these novels as I just find these women so fascinating, however more often than not I am frustrated by the novels as being inaccurate or just plain awful. The novel is readable for the most part and readers who enjoy Tudor fiction will find this a light and quick read about one of Henrys wive who is not written about as much as some of the others. It is let down by a bizarrely modern style of dialogue amongst the characters and the narrator being rather dull. A novel more focused on Katherine’s point of view would have been more interesting. Nonetheless, I always find it interesting to read how authors see the wives of Henry VIII and this novel was an inoffensive look at Katherine Howard.

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