Krista’s CBR-III Review #36 & 37 – Persepolis & Persepolis II, Marjane Satrapi

I don’t usually like to review more than one book in the same post, but these fit well together so why not? Especially considering that they were published as one book once the second one was completed.

In high school, I was obsessed with the Holocaust. Because my grandma is German, I felt this connection to Germany and was interested in the country’s history, so I was a frequent shopper in that part of the library. I came across a graphic novel called Maus was when I tried to read it for SSR my freshman year, my teacher told me, “You’re not allowed to read comics. Pick something more challenging.” Obviously she’d never read it, because it was a pretty deep book that just happened to have some pictures drawn with it. When I re-read it for the first time as an adult, I was blown away by what I had read as a teenager.

Over the years, when I told various people how much I loved Maus (and subsequently Maus II), many people recommended to me Persepolis. I finally bought it a few weeks ago while I was wandering around Barnes and Nobles one afternoon. Are you curious as to what I thought?

— Krista


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  1. I haven’t read these, but the movie is absolutely wonderful, and this is usually not a topic that’s in my wheelhouse. I may have to pick these up and give them a try.

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