Even Stevens’s CBR-III review #22 – Bad Girls Don’t Die by Katie Alender

Bad Girls Don’t Die is a fairly straightforward ghost story. 15-year-old Alexis Warren begins noticing her younger sister, Kasey, acting strangely and erratically. At the same time, she begins to see strange visions involving her house. Add in a dangerous accident and some mysterious occurrences, and Alexis begins to suspect something is very wrong with her home and her sister.

This is Alender’s first novel (with a second volume in the series involving Alexis published last month) and it was a pretty fun and easy read. The characterization is a little shallow and some plot points are tied together a little too easily, but these details are eclipsed by the author’s ability to create a spooky atmosphere. It doesn’t take long to get to heart of what’s going on with the Warren family and Alexis’s discovery of the circumstances behind it are both suspenseful and engaging. When Alender is spinning her ghost stories, she’s at her best. There is the requisite teenage drama and a rather minor romantic subplot, but Alexis’s dry humor and observations save it from becoming melodramatic. Try to ignore the rather silly title and picture, the story is better than it looks from the cover.

The book’s length and fast-paced storytelling make this a quick, easy read. The book introduces us to Alexis’s world and tells a complete, stand alone story as well, so no cliff-hangers to make you pick up the next book to find out what happens. If you’re a fan of YA fiction and/or ghost stories, this book is definitely worth a go.

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