Krista’s CBR-III Review #42 & 43: When the Morning Comes & When the Soul Mends, Cindy Woodsmall

I don’t usually do two reviews in one post, but since these two titles are the second and third books in this trilogy, I’ll go ahead and rebel against my rules. This are the second and third books in the Sisters of the Quilt trilogy. (Read my review of the first book, When the Heart Cries.). While I got the first book for free in exchange for a review, this one I didn’t get for free. I actually got the three-book set from a local Borders when it was having a 60% off sale. That means I got to give away my original copy of the first book to a friend.

When the Morning Comes
Anyhow, I digress. Morning picks up where Heart left off. Hannah has left her Old Order Amish community after being raped, getting pregnant, and delivering her baby pre-term, resulting in the baby’s death. (Wow. Apparently I am reading a Christian, Amish soap opera. Who knew?!) Anyhow, Hannah escapes to the city to find her aunt, and what she finds is an Amish birthing center, which is useful because apparently those stomach pains she’s been having? Yeah, she’s been hemorrhaging and faints because hello, she’s lost a ton of blood. She happens to pass out in front of a doctor who calls an ambulance and saves her life. What ensues is her connection with her aunt, her aunt’s surrogate family, and her journey back to her Old Amish community after many years away. (Yeah. Totally a soap opera.) The rest of my review: one book I liked and one I was disappointed by.

— Krista


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