Krista’s CBR-III Review #44: Forbidden, Tabitha Suzuma

I read a review of Forbidden and thought to myself, “What a freaking creepy concept.” And then someone on facebook posted that she read it, loved it, and if you ever wanted to feel sorry for some incestuous Brits, this was the book to read. So I got an ebook copy and read it in a little more than a day.

My initial thoughts: for about half of the book, there is a very minimal creepy factor. It’s the story of a family with five kids, a crazy mom, and a dad who’s left his family in pursuit of something better, whatever that means. The older two kids, Lochan (a boy) and Maya (a girl) are responsible for their younger siblings, who range in age from five to thirteen (I think).

Lochan and Maya essentially serve as parents to their younger siblings. They care for them, pick them up from school, take them to the hospital when they’re sick, help them with homework, bathe them, etc. Everything most parents do (or should do) for their children. So it’s no wonder when their relationship takes a slightly pervy turn and they realize that they’re not just best friends, but they like each other. You know, like-like. And then there’s kissing, touching, and eventually, there’s sex.

Here’s the rest of my thoughts on this slightly weird but through-provoking novel.

— Krista


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