Krista’s CBR-III Review #45: Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, Amy Chua

This is going to be a very hard review to write. I mean, literally, I have been attempting to process the book and think about what I wanted to say in my review for days now — I finished it about a week and a half ago. My overall thought, which is why I am struggling with what to say about this book, is that it left me feeling very, very angry. I was angry the entire time reading it. I was angry when I finished it. And I’m still a little bit angry.

The basic premise: Chua writes about the difference between Western parents and “Tiger mothers,” those Chinese parents who push their kids to excel. (And how she was foiled by her youngest daughter.) Super awesome way to start a book: with a giant stereotype (one that she perpetuates throughout the entire book, despite her assertion at the start that she knows not all Chinese parents are like this and not all Western parents are like “that.” You know, the opposite of Chua’s “this way.”). From there, the book just went downhill for me.

— Krista


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