Alli’s CBR-III Review #28 – Dead in the Family

I am pretty excited that my laptop is fixed, my Dad is a wizard sometimes, but there have been times that even he cannot make things come back to life. This now means that I don’t have to write my reviews on my breaks at work, so I can put a bit more attention into them. The thing is though, at home I might be under the influence of something or other so it is a crap shoot on whether or not the quality will actually be any better if I am writing here at home.

I finished reading “Dead in the Family” this morning, I was a bit sad because I thought I had 20 pages left and so I found the ending to be abrupt. There is a preview of the next book in the series in those remaining 20 pages, but I have a few library books that I have to read before I can move on to “Dead Reckoning” anyhow. The good news is that I have nothing but time to read since my son is away with his Dad this weekend, and the weather is beautiful and I am ready for some more time in the sun. One thing that might distract me from my reading is that my boyfriend and I just started watching “Breaking Bad” and we just picked up season 2 on DVD today. But the sunshine is calling my name so I will be able to get some reading in today for sure. The problem is choosing which book I want to read!

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