Captain Steve’s CBR III #27-31: Because they’ve been sitting in my email and I’m just that lazy.

#27: Girls in Pants by Anne Brashares Meh, but it does kill time.  Perhaps I’m still to close to the teenage girl mentality to not be all, “Oh, for the love, you’re such a moron that it pains me to allow you to cover up a page with your whining and bitching drivel.”

#28: The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss Read this.  I know, it’s 12000 pages long and sometimes it drags, but young Kvothe is hilarious and sometimes you want him to get his head bashed in because it’ll teach him a lesson and the cocky little bastard deserves it, but you want him to be okay in the end.  And Baste saves the non-flashback parts.

#29: Juliet by Anne Fortier   It’s like this: sometimes I want to light Julie Jacobs on fire.  She’s annoying and whiny and can’t make up her mind to save her life.  Literally.  But me encanta the 13th century Romeo and Juliet love story.


#30: Hit List by Laurell K. Hamilton  It’s what it is: supernatural murder mystery bodice ripper.  I prefer the murder mystery part.  The porny part kind of interrupts the story.


#31:  The Seven-Per-Cent Solution by Nicholas Meyer  It’s Holmes, at his weakest, his most vulnerable.  I liked it, but I like my Holmes best larger than life.


And now perhaps I’ll get around to finishing those other reviews languishing away in my email.  One thing I have discovered: I loathe the way I write.


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