xoxoxoe, #38, The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, by Stephen King, #CBR3

Here is an excerpt from my review of my #38 book, The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, by Stephen King, about a little girl who gets lost in the woods, on my blog, xoxoxo e:

Trisha is as resourceful as she is foolish, and has to deal with injuries and her ever-dwindling food supply. She also seems to be stalked by something from the shadows, which may or may not be of this world. The further into the woods Trisha goes, the further she gets from the day-to-day life, the world the rest of us live in. The only thing that keeps her connected to her old and familiar world is tuning into Red Sox games on her Walkman, which feature her beloved relief pitcher Tom Gordon. When the Walkman’s batteries start to fail, Gordon still shows up to help guide and advise her. Trisha also has to contend with an annoying, but she suspects, correct voice in her head:

Besides, you may never get to be Pete’s age, that disquieting inner voice said. How could anyone have such a cold and scary voice inside them? Such a traitor to the cause? You may never get out of these woods.


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