Tara’s CBR-III Review #30: The Passage by Justin Cronin

Cannonball Read III: Book #30/52
Published: 2010
Pages: 784 (13,385 total pages so far)
Genre: Post Apocalyptic

In a post-apocalyptic future, survivors of a government experiment gone awry live their lives in fear of “virals”. Virals are pretty much just your average vampire with a more interesting back story. They were created by the government using death row inmates as guinea pigs. Eventually, they escape, multiply, and wipe out most of North America (and possibly the world, but no one knows for sure).

Then we have Amy. She was taken as a little girl and given a new version of the virus (that created the virals). Almost a hundred years later, she shows up at The Colony – a village of surviving humans in California. However, Amy appears to be around fifteen years old, not a hundred. They find an electronic chip in her neck that says to return her to Colorado if she is ever found. So the journey begins (about 2/3rds into this brick of a novel).

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3 responses to “Tara’s CBR-III Review #30: The Passage by Justin Cronin

  1. I didn’t realize that this book was the start of a trilogy at first, so as I neared end I was thinking “How the heck are they going to wrap this up?” It definitely needed some trimming and it’s probably not a good sign that I read that book this year and only vaguely recall Caleb/Hightop. I’ll be checking out the next ones, but let’s hope the editing gets a little tighter

  2. I totally agree. I loved the story, but I hope they develop the characters a little more. I’d definitely check out the rest of the trilogy, but I’m not going to lie – I’m going to groan if they both are also 800 pages.

  3. I can’t get past the middle part. I LOVED the first part but once it’s jumps into the future it totally loses my interest. I keep picking it back up but I can’t force myself to finish it. Now I’ve forgotten most of what happened in the first part I am going to have to re read the whole damn thing.

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