dsbs’s CBR III Review #15 and #16: Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, and Absurdistan by Gary Shteyngart

Man, I am behind. Although I’d like to point out that I have read 25 books, and am in the middle of about 9 more, so I’m slightly less pathetically behind than I look!

Anyway, I rated both these books three and a half stars, but for very, very different reasons.

Eat, Pray, Love review excerpt:

A warning: if you read/open this book, you enter in to a sort of contract with the author – she will not shove her enlightenment in your face, but if you choose to read the book, she will share it with you. By this, I mean that she’s not aggressive in her writing, but it is written from the perspective of one who feels she has had a spiritual experience. If you have no patience for that sort of thing, there is simply no point in you reading this book.

Absurdistan review excerpt:

I don’t consider myself a particularly dense or stupid person. Maybe I should. Maybe others who read and “got” this book should feel righteously superior to me. Maybe my confusion stems from the fact that the book is written about the social and political, um, politics or a world I am not familiar with. Maybe all those review excerpts on the back cover were right, and this really is a work of phenomenal genius on par with Catch-22. Maybe. Or maybe Shteyngart is a little less clever than he thinks he is (oh, har har, there’s a conniving little bitch of a character named Jerry Shteynfarb, I see what you did there!), a little too caught up in the grotesque imagery he creates with his obscenely fat main character, a little on the nose in his depiction of a war built around a stockpile of oil that doesn’t actually exist, and I actually got it just fine.

(Ok, that’s actually about a third of the whole review, but whatever)


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