xoxoxoe, #47 The Lover, by Laura Wilson

Here is an excerpt from my reviews of my #47 book, The Lover, by Laura Wilson, on my blog, xoxoxo e:

Inspired by the true-life “Blackout Ripper,” a serial killer of prostitutes in the tradition of Jack the Ripper, The Lover evokes the twin threats of the nightly bombing raids and a crazed killer on the loose in London.

Real-life murderer Gordon Cummins was a 28-year-old airman. To all who knew him he must have appeared normal enough — a dashing, handsome, accomplished pilot. But in 1942 he also killed four women, most of them prostitutes, first strangling them and then mutilating their bodies, during the blackouts in a six-day spree that terrified the West End of London as much as the seemingly endless German air assaults.

… Every character in The Lover is well-written, from the local people that Rene and Lucy come across in a shelter, to Jim’s victims, to an air raid warden who has a special friendship with Rene. The story is a true page-turner and kept me involved and riveted, almost until the very end, when it went off the rails.

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