xoxoxoe, #49, Rose Cottage, by Mary Stewart

Here is an excerpt from my reviews of my #49 book, Rose Cottage, by Stella Duffy, on my blog, xoxoxo e:

Rose Cottage is a cozy old-fashioned romance, with a few mysteries for Kathy to unravel. Can she find out anything more about her mother, who ran off with a Gypsy when she was just a child? Who was her father? Who has been sneaking around the cottage, stealing family papers, digging holes in the garden, and visiting her Aunt’s grave in the local cemetery? Are the local “witches” correct that ghosts from Kathy’s family’s past may somehow be involved?

“I am not myself afraid of the dark,” said Miss Mildred, “but I don’t like meeting strangers in it.”

The characters are all very likable, and even if some of the answers to the questions are more obvious than others, Stewart writes so well that the reader is more than happy to pour a cup of tea and cozy up with Rose Cottage, in no rush to get to the finish to find out who done what.

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