Malin’s CBR-III Reviews # 78-93

I really suck at updating regularly, so here’s another massive list of my book reviews since last time. I keep promising myself to be better about updating on the group blog, and then it all goes to hell again. 11 books away from my double Cannonball now.

Book 78: Delightful young adult book. 

Book 79: Book 2 in Kate Elliott’s epic fantasy series.

Book 80: What if Cleopatra became a vampire? 

81: Another wonderful book by Franny Billingsley. 

82: The most recent Discworld novel, starring Sam Vimes.

83: Historical romance from Courtney Milan.

84: Amazing paranormal fantasy, set partially in Prague.

85: Young adult fantasy with a slightly unusual heroine.

86: A persuasive argument for romance reading, wittily and cleverly written.

87: I finally discover Tamora Pierce. 

88: Awesome Steampunk adventure romance. Archeology! Kidnappings! Zombies!

89: Alanna grows older and starts noticing boys.

90: Alanna joins a desert tribe and becomes a shaman.

91. Amazing historical romance from Joanna Bourne.

92. Terminator meets My Fair Lady in this sci-fi/fantasy/romance.

93. What if Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett were rock stars on tour with each other?


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