xoxoxoe, #52, Writing, by Marguerite Duras

I made it – 52 books. For a while I wasn’t sure I could do it. I’m going to keep reading and reviewing.

Here is an excerpt from my reviews of my #52 book, Writing, by Marguerite Duras, on my blog, xoxoxo e:

Writing is a stream of consciousness collection of essays by French author and film director Marguerite Duras, best known for her novel The Lover and her screenplay for the film Hiroshima Mon Amour.

One of her last books, Writing reads as a running meditation on the act of writing. She touches on the many subjects, especially death, that have compelled her to write. As much as she directs some of her prose to the reader, the essays quite often seem like Duras’s dialogue, discussion, even argument, with herself and why she writes.

… Duras tells a story in the second piece, “The Death of the Young British Pilot” about a British airman, age twenty, who died on the last day of World War II, and how his death affected the village in Northern France where his plane went down. His death is still as affecting today as it first was in 1944, to Duras, the village, and the reader. She dedicated Writing to him.

“And then one day, there will be nothing left to write, nothing to read, nothing left but the untranslatable fact of the life of that dead boy who was so young, young enough to make you scream.”

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