Scootsa1000’s CBR-III Review #52 – A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

Every year after Thanksgiving, we pull out all of the Christmas DVDs we’ve accumulated over the years for the kids to watch. And we find that we have a good number of variations on A Christmas Carol — Mickey Mouse, The Muppets, Looney Tunes (no, not recommended), and my personal favorite, Mister Magoo. This year, my 7 year-old (soon to be seen reviewing books for the CBR-IV!) had lots and lots of questions about Ebeneezer Scrooge while watching Mister Magoo work his way through Dickens’ story. And I found that I didn’t have lots of answers for her, as my Scrooge knowledge was completely based off of movies and cartoons, as I had never read the story. So I ran to my kindle and downloaded it post-haste, and am so glad I did.

Read my full review here.

And that’s it for me — a full Cannonball.  So glad I signed up and am looking forward to next year!



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2 responses to “Scootsa1000’s CBR-III Review #52 – A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

  1. Congratulations on finishing a full CBR!

  2. Hit Reply too soon… I participated in a reading of the Christmas Carol last year for charity. It was challenging at first, but the rhythms of the story make reading it out loud kind of fun and easier to understand (much like Shakespeare, really). In any case, a great last review, thank you.

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