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The 3 Fs: Folios, Fiber and Flyballs. I am a book lover and librarian, so Folios; knitter, so Fiber; and a Twins fan, so Flyballs. I might also talk about Fresnels (lighting design), various Fandoms and perhaps some random Freakouts. Who knows?

effcubed’s CBR3 #49-52

Looky here, I’m done! Hopefully next year I’ll post a little more regularly throughout the year and not in a giant blob at the end.

Wanna see this list with the 108 books I read this year and didn’t review? Google spreadsheet.

#49: A tiny book about people who are very, very wrong.

#50: You’d think as that, as a theatre person, I’d read more plays, but I don’t. Here’s a newly translated Oscar Wilde (yes, translated).

#51: Mysterious disappearances in a tiny Montana town, so haunty!

#52: Who doesn’t love dystopian YA? Here’s one set in a Chicago where Lake Michigan is just a marsh.


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effcubed’s CBR3 #44-48

Yikes, 25 hours left (here in the Central Time Zone), and 4 reviews left! Can I do it? I’ll sure try.

#44: A frightening tale of what could happen if the pro-lifers get their way: what’ really appropriate punishment?

#45: Have Opinions about Comic Sans and Helvetica? You probably should.

#46: Inspired by true events: youth boxing in 1930s Nazi Germany.

#47: I’m running out of books I read recently so I’m digging back a ways for literary fantasy with giant squids and the Apocalypse.

#48: Roald Dahl-esque fairy tale from Italy, newly translated.

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effcubed’s CBR3 #40-43

#40: High school marching band is no place for super serious French Horn player Elsie, right? Who wants to be called Zombie Chicken?

#41: Interlinked romantic short stories from YA superstars John Green, Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle. Blizzards and Waffle House, a match made in heaven.

#42: YA author Eoin Colfer is all gronzed up and he’s all gronzed up. (It’s a worse reference if you’re not sure how to spell things.)

#43: You thought Jane Austen was the only author who inspired all those prequels, sequels and whatever? Louisa May Alcott has some too.

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effcubed’s CBR3 #35-39

#35:  A hyperactive kid with a penchant for amazing accidents, Joey Pigza.

#36: Beka Cooper, bad-ass police officer in the fantasy kingdom of Tortall on her biggest Hunt of all.

#37 and 38: Two very very different Pride and Prejudice retellings. Post-Civil War Texas or contemporary rock’n’roll fame, take your pick.

#39: Raising chickens. In your backyard. In Minnesota. With pictures. Also, recipes.

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effcubed’s CBR3 #30-34

So exciting, I posted 2 posts today! I’m really really trying to finish in the 17 days left of this year. Here’s an update on what I’ve written:

Scary monsters! The awesome Patrick Ness writes a Siobhan Dowd idea she was unable to finish because of her untimely death. Super great illustrations.

Polar bears, a castle made of ice and a girl who can talk to animals–Jessica Day George retells East of the Sun, West of the Moon.

A boy coming to terms with his Moby-Dick-inspired name: Don’t Call Me Ishmael.

Biotechnology and 2 kids whose minds were stuck in boxes for 260 years: The Fox Inheritance.

Exciting debut fantasy set in a desert country. Elisa has been chosen by god, but can she live up to it? The Girl of Fire and Thorns.

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effcubed’s CBR-III #25, 27-29

I missed #25, I guess: Dytopian future I didn’t like a whole ton though it’s got good fights: Blood Red Road by Moira Young.

#27: Uber-trivia nerd Ken Jennings on his and many other people’s love for maps. Who doesn’t love a book with good footnotes.

#28: The Things a Brother Knows by Dana Reinhardt: Iraq war vets, PTSD, readjusting to civilian life, and a little brother looking out for his ex-Marine older bro.

#29: A world like and not quite our own, plus murder, political extremists, archaeology and the shadowy thing called Breach: China Mieville’s The City and the City.

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effcubed’s CBR-III #26 Matched by Ally Condie

I swear I read things beyond dystopian YA lit, though sometime’s it’s real hard to tell. Here’s one where they assign you your mate when you turn 17.

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