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effcubed’s CBR3 #49-52

Looky here, I’m done! Hopefully next year I’ll post a little more regularly throughout the year and not in a giant blob at the end.

Wanna see this list with the 108 books I read this year and didn’t review? Google spreadsheet.

#49: A tiny book about people who are very, very wrong.

#50: You’d think as that, as a theatre person, I’d read more plays, but I don’t. Here’s a newly translated Oscar Wilde (yes, translated).

#51: Mysterious disappearances in a tiny Montana town, so haunty!

#52: Who doesn’t love dystopian YA? Here’s one set in a Chicago where Lake Michigan is just a marsh.


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effcubed’s CBR3 #44-48

Yikes, 25 hours left (here in the Central Time Zone), and 4 reviews left! Can I do it? I’ll sure try.

#44: A frightening tale of what could happen if the pro-lifers get their way: what’ really appropriate punishment?

#45: Have Opinions about Comic Sans and Helvetica? You probably should.

#46: Inspired by true events: youth boxing in 1930s Nazi Germany.

#47: I’m running out of books I read recently so I’m digging back a ways for literary fantasy with giant squids and the Apocalypse.

#48: Roald Dahl-esque fairy tale from Italy, newly translated.

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Tara’s CBR-III Review #50: Legend by Marie Lu

Cannonball Read III: Book #50/52
Published: 2011
Pages: 305 (189,754 total pages so far)
Genre: Young Adult/Dystopian

Legend takes place is a future Los Angeles that is part of the controlling government called the Republic, who is fighting a war against the Colonies (who want freedom). The book starts out going back and forth between two main characters who couldn’t be more different. Day is from a poor family. He now lives on the street and is the most wanted terrorist against the Republic. June is a wealthy girl from the inner city who has strong ties to the military government. After her brother is killed, she goes on a quest to hunt down his killer — who she is believes is Day.

Eventually June and Day’s paths cross and there is the requisite teenage romance, but it’s not overbearing or irritating like in some YA novels. I thought the characters were well written and weren’t one-dimensional. Their backstories were fleshed out and you actually got to know the characters.

However, this wasn’t really my favorite novel. I  struggled to get through it because it was a little slow. The action parts were pretty good, but there seemed to be a lot of filler. I felt like some of the ideas that were brought up (such as the government conspiracy regarding the plagues) were really interesting, but only briefly mentioned. Also, I know it’s nit-picky, but I thought the way June figured out her brother’s code in his journals was a huge long shot. I mean, really? There is NO WAY anyone would ever crack that code, especially by accident.

Overall, I guess I was just expecting more.

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leedock’s CBR-III Review #52-“The Isle of Blood” – Rick Yancey

 Fifty freaking two. Oh, how I thought I never would complete ye! Hats off to you supernatural people who are doing  double or triple (?!) Cannonballs. You truly have powers beyond my comprehension. Bravo.

My pick for favorite book of the year is in this series but all three of the books are fantastic, horrifying, breathtaking and heartbreaking. The first two books in the series are reviewed here and hereIsle of Blood is the newest installment and probably my CBR-III swan song although I may be able to eek one more out by the January 7 deadline.

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effcubed’s CBR3 #40-43

#40: High school marching band is no place for super serious French Horn player Elsie, right? Who wants to be called Zombie Chicken?

#41: Interlinked romantic short stories from YA superstars John Green, Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle. Blizzards and Waffle House, a match made in heaven.

#42: YA author Eoin Colfer is all gronzed up and he’s all gronzed up. (It’s a worse reference if you’re not sure how to spell things.)

#43: You thought Jane Austen was the only author who inspired all those prequels, sequels and whatever? Louisa May Alcott has some too.

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effcubed’s CBR3 #35-39

#35:  A hyperactive kid with a penchant for amazing accidents, Joey Pigza.

#36: Beka Cooper, bad-ass police officer in the fantasy kingdom of Tortall on her biggest Hunt of all.

#37 and 38: Two very very different Pride and Prejudice retellings. Post-Civil War Texas or contemporary rock’n’roll fame, take your pick.

#39: Raising chickens. In your backyard. In Minnesota. With pictures. Also, recipes.

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pyrajane’s #37: Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

Clay comes home from school and there’s a package waiting for him.  Inside are 13 cassette tapes.  He finds a cassette player, pushes play, and hears Hannah’s voice.  She’s dead.  Killed herself a few weeks ago.

She calmly explains that there are thirteen people who are responsible for her death.  Each person has to listen to the tapes, then pass them along to the next person on the list.  If they don’t?  There’s another set of tapes out there that will be spread around and everyone will know that these thirteen people are the reasons why she did it.

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